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Full Tilt Players Enjoy Green Friday

Full Tilt Players Enjoy Green Friday

Last Friday Garden City Group issued more than $76 million in payouts to Americans that are owed money by Full Tilt Poker.

Full Tilt Players Enjoy Green Friday

The Garden City Group has paid out over $76 million to former US players of Full Tilt Poker.

The long awaited payments were performed by ACH deposits to the bank accounts of players who had confirmed their Full Tilt account balances in time. This means that the funds are likely to arrive in players bank accounts over the coming week.

Former US Full Tilt players have been waiting almost three years to receive their funds. Obviously they were extremely relieved to finally receive them with some describing it as one of the most blissful days in online poker history. Many have also named the day as “Green Friday”.

Previously the Garden City Group said that about 30,000 players were approved to receive about $82 million in the first round of reimbursement. Around $6 million of approved funds were held back from approximately 2,500 players. This is probably because those players bank accounts could not be verified in time to receive the payout and some players may have owed the government money.

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