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Tension Ahead of Revere Casino Referendum

Tension Ahead of Revere Casino Referendum

Revere’s Mayor, Daniel Rizzo, is nervously awaiting this week’s casino referendum. He doesn’t care how much the referendum passes by, as long as it does. Rizzo said, “This is a pass/fail test. If we thought there were style points for a larger margin of victory we’d have concentrated on that.”

Tension Ahead of Revere Casino Referendum

Voters are set to decide on a Suffolk Downs casino this week and Revere Mayor Daniel Rizzo is nervous ahead of the referendum.

The referendum is over a proposal from Mohegan Sun for the only casino license available in Eastern Massachusetts.

However, even if Mohegan Sun receives the voter’s support, it still has to fight off a rival proposal from Wynn Resorts.

The State Gambling Commission has said that the level of local support will be a factor when deciding who to award the license to. Last June the Wynn plan won 86% of the vote in Everett.

However, four months ago anti-gambling groups in East Boston managed to defeat an earlier Suffolk Downs casino plan and there are fears that they’ll manage the same again.

Joe Catricala, a founder of the group ‘Don’t Gamble of Revere’, said, “Every day we’re feeling more and more confident we can beat this.”

In addition to the referendum this week, the State Gambling Commission hopes to grant its first license for a slot parlour by the end of the week.

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