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Garden City Group Refunds US Full Tilt Players

Garden City Group Refunds US Full Tilt Players

This month will see $82 million transferred to the bank accounts of 30,000 former Full Tilt Poker players in the United States. It is the first round of repayments being made by the Garden City Group, the claims administrator in charge of reimbursing US players who lost their funds on Black Friday.

Garden City Group Refunds US Full Tilt Players

After waiting almost 1000 days, US players of Full Tilt Poker have finally begun receiving refunds.

Non-US players had their funds returned by PokerStars in November 2012, just 495 days after Full Tilt’s closure. Unfortunately the wait for US based players has been over double that.

Those that receive their money by the end of this month will have waited almost 1000 days to get their money back, over two and a half years.

Any player that has disputed the amount that Garden City Group claimed they were owed will have to wait even longer, as will Full Tilt Pros and accounts marked as affiliates.

Furthermore, any player that is recorded as having existing governmental debts by the Treasury Offset Program will have the debt automatically taken out of their funds. The debt could be anything from tax liens to civil judgment fines.

Nonetheless, for the majority of players this month looks set to bring about a very happy bonus.

OCA News Editor