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Endemol Nederland and TMG Landelijke Media Look to Online Gambling

Endemol Nederland and TMG Landelijke Media Look to Online Gambling

Endemol Nederland is partnering with TMG Landelijke Media to launch a new joint venture in the online gaming sector. The two are working together to develop new online gaming concepts for customers with plans to launch a new bingo concept in the near future.

The launch of the games will be backed up through advertising via adverts in the press, online, mobile, television and various other media. There may also be other partners brought on board in order to support the project.

The partnership comes in anticipation of the legalization of online gaming in the Netherlands. At present it looks as if legislation allowing online gambling will pass in 2015.

Endemol Nederland’s CEO Laurens Drillich said, “The online gaming market offers many opportunities for media companies such as Endemol and TMG. Joining forces gives us a better starting position for the further expansion of our activities. In addition to Endemol’s creative and production expertise, our company is also contributing the knowledge and experience of a global network.”

Frank Volmer, managing director of TMG Landelijke Media, added, “With our strong market coverage and the creative talents of both TMG and Endemol, it must be possible to launch several logical and above all creative game formats”.

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