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Geoff Freeman Unifies American Gaming Association

Geoff Freeman Unifies American Gaming Association

For the last few years the gaming industry in the US has been suffering from considerable amounts of infighting. As the President of the American Gaming Association (AGA) Geoff Freeman recently said, the industry is often its “own worst enemy” and provides anti-gambling opponents with ammunition.

Geoff Freeman Unifies American Gaming Association

The president of the AGA has said that from now on the association will present a united front in order to further its interests.

In order to try and help the situation Freeman has recently revamped the trade association’s direction and corporate staff.

He made sure that people received the message that the group will be representing the industry as a whole, not the wishes of one member.

The latest problem to hit the industry comes from Las Vegas Sands Corp. Chairman Sheldon Adelson who has promised to do his best to ensure that online gambling isn’t legalized in America.

Las Vegas Sands has a seat on the AGA’s board, however, the CEO of MGM Resorts, Jim Murren, has just started as the association’s chairman and he has said that the association will not be abandoning its support for legalization of online gambling.

To that end he has hired five people with extensive gaming, private sector and trade association backgrounds. Freeman has effectively committed the AGA to an emphasis on proactive, campaign-style advocacy.

OCA News Editor