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Dynam Japan to Develop Mobile Gambling for Macau

Dynam Japan to Develop Mobile Gambling for Macau

Dynam Japan Holdings is teaming up with an online gaming company in order to bring mobile casinos to Macau. Macau recently amended its regulations to allow mobile gambling within authorised gambling areas; however, it is not yet known whether the casinos will allow competition with their services.

Dynam Japan to Develop Mobile Gambling for Macau

Dynam are planning to take advantage of the recent change in Macau’s gambling regulations to launch mobile gambling in authorized areas.

It is expected that Macau Slot will be the first to offer dedicated mobile slots within Macau, their presence within the casinos is likely to help them push through any mobile gaming.

Dynam, a Hong Kong listed company, recently invested in Singapore based online games firm I Got Games, as it starts to develop the next generation of pachinko machines for use in Macau.

It wouldn’t be surprising if the two partnered to create Macau based mobile casino games as well.

Dynam are also hoping to enter the Japanese market if and when the government passes an eagerly awaited casino bill. It looks likely to pass as Japan is hoping to take full advantage of Olympic tourism in 2020 which means that casino resorts are likely to start being developed as soon as possible.

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