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Keating Performs an About Turn on Market8 Project

Keating Performs an About Turn on Market8 Project

Until recently the casino builder Dan Keating has been working with Steve Wynn to try and beat off five other contenders for Philadelphia’s second casino license. However, since Wynn decided to pull out, Keating has chosen to join Ken Goldenberg’s Market8 project.

Keating Performs an About Turn on Market8 Project

Having previously panned the Market8 casino project Steve Keating has now joined the team behind it.

Amazingly enough just a few months ago Keating was extremely negative about the Market8 project saying that it ranked last in every category. However, he claims that having met with Goldenberg he now has a better understanding of the project and thinks it “stands head and shoulders above all other proposed projects and that this is an opportunity that it would be unfortunate for the city and commonwealth to miss.”

Prior to this meeting Keating’s rankings, which rate projects on neighborhood impact, parking availability and convenience, impact on traffic and non-gaming amenities, listed Market8 as problematic in every area.

He had given Market8 a failing grade and predicted that it would have a “major” impact on the surrounding neighborhood’s schools, churches and other institutions.

It will be interesting to see if Keating makes any changes to the project based upon his previous negative comments, however, he doesn’t have long as the Gaming Control Board is set to decide on which bid will receive the license early next year.

OCA News Editor