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Davenport Mayor Holding Meeting with Casino Developer

Davenport Mayor Holding Meeting with Casino Developer

The mayor of Davenport, Bill Gluba, has said that he will be meeting with Scott County Casino developer Dan Kehl this week in order to discuss plans for the city’s future casino.

The mayor would not comment on what will be discussed at the meeting, saying that he will only talk to the media after talking with Kehl.

Davenport Mayor Holding Meeting with Casino Developer

The mayor is meeting with developer Dan Kehl however, little is known about what they will discuss.

The development is a joint project between Scott County Casino and the RDA (Riverboat Development Authority) but when contacted the RDA said that it doesn’t know anything about the meeting other than that the mayor wants more money for the city out of the project.

Last week the RDA offered the city an extra $2 million however, the city’s aldermen rejected the agreement saying that more time was needed for lawyers to examine it.
However, the aldermen did say that as soon as lawyers approve the deal then they are ready to follow suit.

Alderman Bill Boom said, “I think everybody will be ready to go. I haven’t heard any dissension from that. Like I said before, I think the big argument before was the financials, but I think we’re beyond that.”

The city could approve the agreement at the upcoming council meeting on Tuesday. If they do so then it could be put on the Iowa Racing and Gaming Commission’s agenda for January and construction could start early next year.

OCA News Editor