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NanoTech Enters Online Gambling With Appointment of Aaron Hightower

NanoTech Enters Online Gambling With Appointment of Aaron Hightower

This week NanoTech Entertainment announced that it has appointed Aaron Hightower to its executive team. Hightower will be leading the Casino and Gaming Development Division and he brings with him over twenty years of experience in gaming design, specifically in the area of ‘repeat gameplay’.

In the past Hightower has worked as a lead engineer at IGT where he researched and developed new technologies and methods for developing video gaming products for the gambling industry.

NanoTech Enters Online Gambling With Appointment of Aaron Hightower

Hightower, a former developer for IGT, will be leading NanoTech’s Casino and Gaming Development Division.

The CEO of NanoTech, Jeff Foley, said, “We couldn’t be more excited to have Aaron joining us. His experience in repetitive gameplay designs will be invaluable to our team and his familiarity with the Las Vegas market will open even more doors for NanoTech in the gaming industry.”

Hightower specializes in games with repetitive actions that can result in different outcomes depending upon strategy and chance. Most commonly this applies to arcade and slot games and Hightower thinks that the industry needs revolutionizing.

Upon his appointment Hightower said, “Right now there is an opportunity to bring Ultra HD 4K technology to the casino industry. NanoTech understands the value of expanding into this market as people will be able to experience 4K gaming in casinos before they have it in their homes. NanoTech is truly bringing the Future of TelevisionSM to consumers, and I am extremely excited to be part of this driven and forward-thinking team.”

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