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Equity Poker Network Goes Live

Equity Poker Network Goes Live

The Equity Poker Network (EPN) went live last week. It claims to be a non-profit network which hopes to change the way internet poker networks are run.

Equity Poker Network Goes Live

The uniquely modeled poker network went live last week with four poker rooms on board.

The network says it is a “cooperative” as it believes that it is the network’s job to support poker rooms rather than the other way around. Normally a poker room will pay a percentage of its revenues to the network each month. However, with EPN the rooms just need to pay the network $10,000 per month, a fee which will be used to keep the network in operation rather than make its executives rich.
The EPN wishes to encourage poker rooms to grow and become successful businesses. While it is possible for poker rooms on the network to compete with one another there is little reason to do so. Once a player signs up at a room, that room will get the player’s lifetime profits on the network even if the player switches to another room.

Furthermore, the rooms are also in charge of running their own tournaments. While it is likely that there will be some network-wide tournaments, each room can operate tournaments in any way it wishes.

At present FullFlushPoker, GearPoker, IntegerPoker and HeritageSports have signed up to the network.

OCA News Editor