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Mecca Bingo Extends X-Factor Online Gaming Partnership

Mecca Bingo Extends X-Factor Online Gaming Partnership

FremantleMedia UK and Syco Entertainment have extended their partnership with Mecca for its activity on The X-Factor. As a result Mecca will continue to receive promotion and product rights including exclusivity for bingo, as well as incremental rights for social marketing and TV advertising.

The extended partnership will also allow for additional desktop, mobile and tablet games which are already in development.

Mecca Bingo Extends X-Factor Online Gaming Partnership

The extended partnership will see Mecca continue to receive promotion and production rights.

The Head of Gaming and FremantleMedia UK, Simon Murphy, said, “We enjoy a great working relationship with Mecca and we are delighted that we are now in a position to both extend and broaden this partnership.”

Murphy went on to explain that the arrangement is “truly multi-channel” thanks to Mecca’s progressive approach to customer and brand engagement across multiple platforms.
For instance, there will be a marketing initiative to promote The X-Factor partnership and exclusive Bingo game to Mecca’s retail audience via the Mecca Mag.

Mecca Bingo’s Director of Digital Operations, Claire Osborne, said, “We are delighted to be extending and enhancing our partnership with The X Factor. Our X Factor Bingo game has already been a resounding success with our players and we are looking forward to taking the partnership to the next level.”

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