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More Indian Casinos Possible in California

More Indian Casinos Possible in California

This week one of California’s largest Native American casinos is due to open in wine country and it is expected to attract vast amounts of visitors and heavy traffic. The Graton Resort & Casino, which cost $800 million to build, will feature Las Vegas-style gambling with 3,000 slots and video poker machines, blackjack, roulette and other table games.

More Indian Casinos Possible in California

With over 60 Indian casinos in California a delicate balance is needed to keep all sides happy.

While the Graton Resort will be huge, it is one of over 60 Native American casinos in California that produce around $6.9 billion in revenue each year. Despite this, many believe that there is still room for growth in California’s gambling market.

However, while there may be room for more casinos, not everyone in the state welcomes them. Cheryl Schmit, from the group Stand Up For California, said that the state needs to pay more attention to the social and economic impact of casinos. However, she does concede that the Graton project had “significant” regulations attached to it such at protections for employees and casino patrons.

Furthermore the tribe behind the casino will be contributing $25 million to county parks and open space.
As long as a balance of this sort can be found, then gambling Californians can look forward to many more casinos being built.

OCA News Editor