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Mobile Gambling Sees Massive Growth

Mobile Gambling Sees Massive Growth

A team from has been conducting research into what they describe as a “growth surge” in the mobile gambling market.

Mobile Gambling Sees Massive Growth

With billions of pounds being spent every year, online gambling is going from strength to strength.

According to data from the consulting firm H2 Gambling Capital online gambling generated £21.2 billion in 2012, an increase of 7.2% from 2011.

Online casinos made up 17% of the margin with Europe leading the trend with a penetration rate of over 12% in comparison to North America’s 4.4%.

Furthermore, Europe accounted for 46% of the total word growth in 2012, significantly more than Asia (28%) and North America (17%).

A representative of Supercasino said, “We weren’t surprised to hear of this jump in revenue in mobile gambling, with the number of smartphone users constantly increasing. This growth can also be partly attributed to improvements within the sector. Mobile customers can now expect more choice and quality when they’re on the go.”

From the way the market looks at the moment, and the developments in online gambling legislation unfolding in the United States, it would be highly surprising if there wasn’t a significant increase in mobile gambling this year and an even larger increase next year.

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