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BetCoin Pays Out $4.5 Million in First Month

BetCoin Pays Out $4.5 Million in First Month

Thanks to a huge influx of new players and a number of new innovations, BetCoin BitCoin Entertainment Network, is continuing to expand its casino operation.

BetCoin Pays Out $4.5 Million in First Month

: In its first month of operating BetCoin BitCoin Entertainment Network paid out a massive 36,000 BTC

BetCoin has announced a number of major upgrades to its existing products, including a patented and secure user verification system, and a unification of player leagues with monthly prizes worth thousands of bitcoins.

In its first month BetCoin processed around 420,000 bets with a total payout of a massive 36,000 BTC (roughly $4.5 million). A particular favourite was BetCoin Dice with 225,000 bets processed and a total payout of 24,000 BTC.

The CTO of Betcoin said, “I’m sort of feeling like the idea of a leader board has not been thought out all the way.

With bitcoin and our instant credit and payout capability, competitive betting is made possible on a number of levels, so let’s reinvent this idea and offer it to anyone who wants to use it.”

BetCoin has also launched the world’s first Bitcoin Entertainment Wiki where users can play and learn about bitcoin simultaneously. It gives newcomers to bitcoin a huge library of information as well as a forum on which to share new ideas.

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