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Global Cash Access Make Payments Easy

Global Cash Access Make Payments Easy

The payment solutions provider Global Cash Access (GCA) has released a new payments and monetisation solution which has been designed to link land-based and online gaming payments.

Global Cash Access Make Payments Easy

A new payment solution from Global Cash Access aims to unify land-based and online gaming payments.

The solution, Everi, is designed to easily integrate between the company’s networks of kiosks and land-based solutions and reduce operators’ PCI burden.

Furthermore it should also increase brand awareness and give companies much greater control over online payments systems.

Everi brings a number of payment options together into a single solution, it covers both real-money and social currency transactions.

It will also provide operators with detailed reporting, player and transaction analytics and as a fully customisable engine to allow companies to push special offers to customers.

The CEO and president of GCA, David Lopez, said “We are eager to expand our expertise in the traditional gaming payments space to the evolving interactive realm. Everi will revolutionize the payments process by making interactive gaming payments an integral part of the player loyalty and monetization process for online and land-based gaming operators through its complete integration with GCA’s kiosks and expansive land-based operations.”

OCA News Editor