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Zynga to Close OMGPOP Studio and Games

Zynga to Close OMGPOP Studio and Games

At the end of the month Zynga will be closing four OMGPOP games and the website is to follow suite at the end of September.

Zynga to Close OMGPOP Studio and Games

This month Zynga is closing four OMGPOP games and at the end of September the entire website will be shut down.

This month will see the end of Cupcake Corner, Gem Rush, Pool World Champ and Snoops.

Sources close to the issue have guaranteed that the closures won’t affect Draw Something, Draw Something 2 or Draw My Thing.

Nonetheless, the move effectively brings OMGPOP Studio to a close. Zynga bought OMGPOP less than 18 months ago for $180 million; however, the closure isn’t very surprising since in June Zynga laid off the majority of the studio’s staff.

It was reported that OMGPOP made a last minute attempt to save its brand and website, a number of team members tried to buy from Zynga on an independent basis. However, Zynga rejected the offer and also rejected further offers to run the website for free.

A number of people have claimed that both the site and its games are profitable enough to exist as independent entities.

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