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Phil Ivey Suffers Record Losses in 2013

Phil Ivey Suffers Record Losses in 2013

Phil Ivey is widely considered the world’s best all-round poker player and he has a fantastic record to back it up. He was nine WSOP bracelets, live winnings of $17,649,220 and $19,242,744 in online winnings.

Phil Ivey Suffers Record Losses in 2013

Phil Ivey is having his worst ever year as a poker pro and is down almost $3 million.

However, this year is not turning out to well for the poker pro. So far he has only won $131,754 in live winnings, his lowest ever and the online story is even worse. Ivey has been playing at Full Tilt Poker and he is down $2,980,086 this year. This places him second on the list of this year’s biggest losers, Gus Hansen is having the worst year, he is down 44 million.

There are a number of suggestions why Ivey is having such a bad year. A popular theory is that he has lost motivation having achieved almost everything a poker player could hope to accomplish.

Others think that the younger players entering the game have simply caught up with Ivey’s skills while a third theory is simply that Ivey has run into some bad luck.

Whatever the reason, the poker world is sure to watch with interest as one of the all-time greats attempts to turn his year around and start pulling in some winnings.

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