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Three Top Executives Leave Zynga

Three Top Executives Leave Zynga

Over the past month Zynga has lost three of its executive staff under changes instigated by new CEO Don Mattrick.

Three Top Executives Leave Zynga

Over the last month three of Zynga’s top executives have left the company

It has been reported that Nathan Etter, John Osvald and Jesse Janosov have all left the company; Etter has already updated his social networking pages to show his new role as a vice president at Disney. However, it is not known if Osvald or Janosav have yet found jobs.

It is not surprising that Zynga is changing its management structure, the company’s founder and ex-CEO Mark Pincus stepped down in an admission that things were not going well and that his leadership hadn’t fixed problems at the company.

It isn’t known if the three executives were fired, resigned or a mixture of the two. Mattrick previously said that he was intending to look at how the company is “deploying people at all levels” and it seems that this process is well underway.

Zynga reported falling revenues for the last quarter, a net loss and a falling number of daily and monthly active users. The company does have enough cash to give it time to rebuild itself, but it can’t linger for too long. The question remains who Mattrick will employ to replace the three vacant roles.

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