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2UP Gaming Plans Atlantic City Move

2UP Gaming Plans Atlantic City Move

The London based online gaming company 2UP Gaming PLC may soon announce the intention to either buy an Atlantic City casino or build a new one so that it can begin to offer online gaming in New Jersey.

2UP Gaming Plans Atlantic City Move

The London online gambling firm 2UP Gaming is considering buying or building a new casino in Atlantic City

According to Vincent Crandon, the Managing Director of the company MidOil USA, a group of Asian investors have committed £330 million to allow 2UP to either build or buy an Atlantic City Casino.

Crandon said, “We are in the final stages of having our intended transaction come together.”

“We are negotiating the potential acquisition of one of the (casino) properties in town [and] we have explored building a new property.”

CEO of 2UP Marino Sussich said that over the last year 2UP has been working hard to develop “the finest technology and strategy necessary to be a global leader in the i-gaming marketplace.”

Crandon believes that the company is likely to create hundreds of jobs, speaking about the state’s online gambling laws Crandon said, “We look at this as a jobs bill. We are going to be hiring a lot of people, putting a lot of people to work.”

Furthermore the company plans to move its data centre to Atlantic City to create jobs for IT people as well as casino staff.

OCA News Editor