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Bally Covers All its Bases with SHFL Acquisition

Bally Covers All its Bases with SHFL Acquisition

Bally Technologies has agreed to buy SHFL entertainment for $1.3 billion to create a casino supplier that can offer almost every product and service needed to operate a casino.

Bally Covers All its Bases with SHFL Acquisition

Thanks to the acquisition of SHFL, Bally is in a strong position regardless of the direction the market takes.

The announcement mentioned a number of possible complimentary products; however, it seems more likely that this is about online gaming. Both companies are approved to build online games in Nevada and as online gaming spreads to more states; they will be able to use their experience and skills to expand business.

Companies such as Bally won’t be offering direct betting to customers; rather they will supply technology to online casinos. As a result it is important that the technology on offer is scalable and has a wide range of solutions.

Bally already offers online slot games in the UK and the acquisition of SHFL will allow Bally to build a complete platform of games at a cast that can be shared among a larger organisation.

The acquisition also allows Bally to become a go-to supplier for both land-based casinos and online gaming, regardless of where the industry goes, the company will have a vital role.

OCA News Editor