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Poker Freedom Act could Create Thousands of Jobs

Poker Freedom Act could Create Thousands of Jobs

Rep. Joe Barton has real reason to hope that his new Poker Freedom Act has more success than his last bill HR2366. The idea of the bill is to strengthen weaknesses of the UIGEA of 2006.

Poker Freedom Act could Create Thousands of Jobs

Joe Barton’s latest online poker bill has the potential to create thousands of new US jobs.

The new act is calling for internet poker regulation on a state to state process while still “respecting prerogatives of States and Federally recognized Indian tribes.”

The bill includes a number of measures against fraud, underage and problem gambling and money laundering.

Barton is claiming that not only will these measures protect the consumer but also “create a new industry within the United States creating thousands of  jobs and substantial revenue for Federal, State, and tribal governments.”

The bill calls for a number of additional licensing requirements, in particular a license holder must ensure that online poker games are fair and honest and aim to prevent to a “reasonable degree of certainty, cheating, including collusion, and use of cheating devices, including use of software programs (sometimes referred to as “bots”) that make best or wagers according to algorithms.”

Barton seems confident that the bill will pass; he refers to his a question of when rather than if.

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