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Wynn Macau Sees Disappointing June Revenues

Wynn Macau Sees Disappointing June Revenues

Last month Wynn Macau casino’s share of gross gaming revenue dropped to about 10% according to data from the Lusa news agency.

Wynn Macau Sees Disappointing June Revenues

The casino was bottom of the revenue league table for June with only a 10% share of the gross gaming revenue

This means that Wynn is at the bottom place in the monthly revenue league table, just below MGM China Holdings which is on 11%. However, Steve Wynn, the chairman of Wynn Macau, said that the casino should be judged by ‘fair share’ based on the amount of tables and slot machines the casino has as a percentage of the whole of the market.

In the first quarter the casino had an average of 494 tables and 843 slots from a market total of 5,749 tables and 16,406 slots. Based on ‘fair share’ calculation the Wynn Macau had 8.59% of table revenue and 5.13% of slot revenue.

Based upon the same calculation MGM Macau is doing even better, it had a table revenue share of 7.37% and slot revenue share of 8.29%. However, MGM China Holdings’ stock closed down in Hony Kong by 0.24% while Wynn Macau’s stock rose 4.05%.

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