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Zynga Moves into Midcore Gaming

Zynga Moves into Midcore Gaming

Zynga, the social game developer which has been struggling with falling revenues and declining player numbers, is putting its faith in a new game category. The company seems to be focusing on midcore combative games in the mobile sector, a move which could significantly reshape the company’s future.

Zynga Moves into Midcore Gaming

Zynga is attempting to reverse its fortunes with a move into midcore gaming

In a recent interview CEO Mark Pincus said, “We could probably say that we have more working against new games in midcore than any other category.

We have really moved some of our vast and most seasoned game makers over to midcore and mobile.”

According to Zynga, midcore refers to games that “blend the depth of hardcore games, traditionally played on a PC or console, with the approachability and accessibility of causal games that are mobile, free-to-play and social.”

Zynga is hoping that the move will result in higher revenues, at present Zynga stock sells for $3.40, far below the IPO price of $10 per share.

Zynga has already released its first set of midcore games. Last month War of the Fallen came out and investors will be keeping a keen eye out for signs of a turnaround in the company’s fortunes.

OCA News Editor