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Will US Online Casinos Accept Credit Card Payments

Will US Online Casinos Accept Credit Card Payments

Because of the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act (UIGEA), credit cards are the least popular method of payment at online casinos if the card was issued by a US bank.

Will US Online Casinos Accept Credit Card Payments

Any US based online casinos will have to satisfy VISA that it is operating legally in order to accept credit card payments.

Generally online casinos automatically block US credit cards because of legal issues. However, there are a number of leading online casinos which will accept US cards and can process transactions without a problem.

Now online gambling has been legalised in Nevada, New Jersey and Delaware, US players will be wanting to use credit cards to make payments. As a result VISA, the technology provider behind many US credit cards, has reminded issuers and processors that its “Internet Gambling Stand-In Processing (STIP) Blocking Service” doesn’t treat all gambling payments in the same way.

The system can tell the difference between illegal and legitimate online payments as it works together with VISA’s Merchant Verification Value Registration Program. The program requires online casinos to submit proof that the site is operating legally.

In addition to proving its legality, any online casino wishing to offer credit card payments must also pay a $5,000 registration fee.

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