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Gus Hansen Sees Improvement in Fortunes

Gus Hansen Sees Improvement in Fortunes

Last week was a fantastic week for online poker player Gus Hansen who managed to win over $1.7 million playing online.

Gus Hansen Sees Improvement in Fortunes

After months of losing, Gus Hansen has finally seen a change in his online poker fortunes.

The majority of Hansen’s winnings, $1.6 million, was the result of a single 19-hour session at the nosebleed limit tables at Full Tilt Poker.

Hansen was playing against players such as Phil Galfond and Viktor Blom at $2,000-$4,000 limit Omaha eight-or-better.

One of the players to lose the most to Hansen was an unknown going by KPR16 who lost $700,000.

Hansen also won a large six-figure sum at the 2-7 triple draw tables. However, Hansen is still down about $1.3 million at Full Tilt this year.

The week before last Hansen lost over $300,000 bringing his lifetime losses to more htan $9.5 million on Full Tilt Poker. Luckily for him, he significantly reduced that last week.

Before Black Friday shut Full Tilt down, Hansen was on a $6 million upswing. Hansen had to wait until the site was re-launched in November 2012 to access the millions that were locked in his account. However, as soon as he could he began losing heavily and only now appears to be recovering.

Despite his poor online performance, Hansen is one of the most successful tournament players with over $10 million in winning from live games.

OCA News Editor