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Ultimate Poker Brings Hope to Gaming Companies

Ultimate Poker Brings Hope to Gaming Companies

The establishment of Ultimate Poker as the first legal online gaming service in the US is extremely significant for companies such as Zynga which are working hard to supplement their online gaming business with revenues from real-money online gambling.

Ultimate Poker Brings Hope to Gaming Companies

The launch of the first legal real-money gambling site in the US brings hope to social gaming companies struggling for revenue.

There are a number of companies which make money from credit based gambling games in which players purchase virtual money to make bets which then pay out in virtual money. However, the potential revenues from real-money gambling are far higher.

Nevada is the first state to implement online gambling, anyone aged 21 and above within the state’s boundaries can sign up and start playing at the Ultimate Poker website.

Reno gaming analyst Ken Adams said that “This is, for Nevada, a new day. There’s been a huge amount of speculation on what online gaming means.

Estimates in New Jersey run from $20 to $30 million to $2 to $3 billion. The only way to find out is when it starts. Up to now, we’ve been talking in theories. Now we’ll get a peek at reality.“

OCA News Editor