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European Firms Look for American Partnerships

European Firms Look for American Partnerships

According to news sources the American online gambling market is fast becoming a reality and developers from the UK and the rest of Europe are fast catching on to this. Companies are lining up to form partnerships and joint ventures with firms based in the US.

European Firms Look for American Partnerships

As more states legalise online gambling, European firms are looking to form partnerships with companies established in the States

The fastest growing sector of the online gambling market is mobile with smartphones and tables being used more than anything else to place bets.

For instance, Probability, which went public in 2006 and has a market value of around £22 million derives around 75% of its revenue from mobile devices of which 50% comes from Apple devices.

Probability is a UK manufacturer of casino style games and it is reportedly seeking partners in the US.

This move show the importance of the latest legal advances in the US where a number of states have recently legalised online poker.

The CEO of Probability, Charles Cohen, said that “within a few years, half the population of the United States will either live in a state or very close to a state in which they will be able to conduct real-money gambling through their mobile smartphone or desktop.”

Probability is also hoping to expand into more European markets, Cohen said “I would hope to get into at least one other territory during this year, if not two.” Countries such as Denmark, Sweden and Spain are currently liberalising their online gambling laws.

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