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Cruise Lines Enjoy Onboard Gambling Revenues

Cruise Lines Enjoy Onboard Gambling Revenues

Cruise companies rely heavily on casinos as a source of revenue. According to Cruise Market Watch the average cruise passenger will spend $48.47 per day whilst onboard. This averages $417 on an 8.5 day cruise of which around $222 is spent at the casino and bar.

Cruise Lines Enjoy Onboard Gambling Revenues

A major attraction for cruise passengers is the ability to gamble whilst at sea

Many cruise lines use Ocean Players Club which operates almost 100 casinos across Aida, Carnival, costa, Cunard, Holland, America, Ibero, Princess, P&O and Seabourn cruise companies.

Ocean Players Clubs offers promotions, tournaments and VIP services for those in the ships’ casinos.

There are also a number of independent cruise companies such as Cardplayercruises and WorldPokerTour which offer gambling themed cruises.

Ships will normally open their gaming areas when they reach international waters, this began with the 1992 Cruise Ship Competitiveness Act which made it legal for US cruise ships to offer gambling.

However, ships have to be careful about keeping their casinos open whilst docks as gambling is not legal at all destinations. However, this doesn’t prevent onboard gambling from being extremely profitable for cruise lines and passengers can expect to enjoy it for the foreseeable future.

OCA News Editor