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Bwin Withdraws Online Gambling from Multiple Countries

Last week Bwin sent out emails to its affiliates instructing them not to take any new players from Argentina, Armenia, Belarus, Brazil, Colombia, Croatia, Cyprus, Finland, Greece, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovenia and the Ukraine.

Bwin Withdraws Online Gambling from Multiple Countries

Bwin Withdraws Online Gambling from Multiple Countries

With the exception of Argentina, all the other countries have no clear laws defining the legality of online gambling within their borders. While Bwin have said that they have decided this due to “commercial reasons” many believe that it is part of Bwin’s attempt to clean-up. Since the company has had problems with the regulatory bodies in Argentina and Belgium, it is likely to have an effect on its license applications to operate in New Jersey and Nevada.

Last year Bwin’s CEO Norbert Teufelberger was detained by Belgian law enforcers due to the company’s continued defiance of the country’s licensing requirements. After the incident Bwin related and settled its dispute with Belgium’s gaming regulator and it is now a licensed gambling operator in the country.

Bwin’s Argentinian license was revoked in August last year due to breach of contract as the company failed to comply with a specific monitoring regulation. As Bwin has included Argentina in the list of countries it seems that Bwin does not intend to fight the decision.

OCA News Editor