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Head of Zynga Studio Leaves His Job

Head of Zynga Studio Leaves His Job

It has been announced that the head of social media gaming giant Zynga, Dan Porter, will be leaving the company. The post will be filled by Sean Kelly, who headed the launch of some of Zynga’s most popular Fecebook games such as Running With Friends and CityVille.

Head of Zynga Studio Leaves His Job

Head of Zynga, Dan Porter, has left the company and his post will be filled by Sean Kelly.

Zynga’s Chief Operations Officer, David Ko said: “We thank Dan Porter for his efforts in making the Draw Something franchise a success and wish him well in his future endeavours.

We’re proud to see talent like Sean Kelly take a bigger leadership role as the Head of our New York studio and lead the team to the global launch of ‘Draw Something 2’”.

Zynga, once one of the fastest growing online companies, has suffered from the change in consumer behaviours when players started to use their mobile phones for gaming as opposed to their desktop computers.

In November 2012 the company’s shares reached an all-time low of $2.09. The company hopes to boost its profits by capitalising on its 300 million strong player base and entering the real money gaming market which was valued at $30 billion by H2 Gambling Capital.

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