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Antigua Continues to Battle the US

Antigua Continues to Battle the US

Since 2004 Antigua Barbuda and the United States have been fighting over a court decision regarding the USA’s dismantling of the island’s online gambling industry. In the ruling, the World Trade Organisation awarded Antigua a small settlement from the States.

Antigua Continues to Battle the US

Antigua has been locked in legal battles with the US since the banning of online gambling

The WTO ruled that America’s commitment according to the General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade was violated by legislation which banned offshore internet gambling services. Recently the WTO granted compensatory measures which included the sale of US-copyrighted items without compensation for usage unless an alternative resolution could be found with the States.

Due to the controversial nature of the compensatory measures agreed, Antigua has yet to implement the package and has asked for the US to cooperate in finding a cordial solution.

America has warned Antigua that its reputation could be damaged which could have an adverse effect on the Caribbean basin’s ability to attract foreign direct investment.

Neighbouring island Dominica told the Dispute Settlement Body that, “Antigua and Barbuda had not seen any substantial progress on the part of the US to comply with the DSB’s recommendations and rulings nor to reach a settlement with Antigua and Barbuda.”

Dominica said that it wants to appeal to the US to “make one last effort at resolving the matter and avoiding unpredictable consequences.”

OCA News Editor