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Ladbrokes CEO Earns Multi-Million Pound Bonus

Ladbrokes CEO Earns Multi-Million Pound Bonus

The CEO of Ladbrokes has earned himself a huge bonus thanks to the good performance of the company on the London Stock Exchange.

Ladbrokes CEO Earns Multi-Million Pound Bonus

Thanks to sustained good performance of Ladbrokes’ shares, the company’s CEO has earned a £2.4 million bonus

Richard Glynn has earned a £2.4 million bonus on top of his normal salary and bonuses which are not connected to the company’s performance.

The bonus was awarded to Glynn after Ladbrokes’ shares climbed to £2 and stayed there for thirty days. A spokesperson for Ladbrokes said that Glynn “only gets the shares physically after they are calculated in July.”

Glynn’s basic salary is £580,000 a year and his annual bonus is just under £500,000.

He also earns £978,000 in performance shares; this means he is earning £2.2 million a year before the additional bonus.

If Ladbrokes’ shares reach £2.97 by 2015 then Glynn could be eligible for a £12 million bonus under the terms of Ladbrokes’ long term incentive plan.

Ladbrokes’ shares have continued to rise in value since the company signed a deal with Playtech to improve Ladbrokes’ digital presence and bring it up to scratch with the competition. Recently the shares reached a five year high of £2.45 suggesting that Glynn has a good chance of earning the £12 million bonus.

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