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Bwin.Party Closing Figures for 2012 Are In

Bwin.Party Closing Figures for 2012 Are In

Bwin.Party Digital Entertainment, the online gambling group, reported a fall in total revenues for 2012.

Bwin.Party Closing Figures for 2012 Are In

Bwin.Party released its closing figures for 2012 showing a significant dip in revenues from 2011.

The company’s annual financial report shows a significant drop from €816 million in 2011 to €801.6 million in 2012.

The drop is mainly due to the poor performance of poker revenues which fell 17% in 2012. While sport betting and casino games showed a considerable increase in revenue in 2012, poker revenue fell from €209.7 million in 2011 to €173.8 million at the close of 2012.

Despite the somewhat disheartening results of 2012 Bwin.Party are optimistic for 2013.

Following the 2011 merger of and Party Gaming as well as the 2012 transfer of all interests into one platform, the company is now ready to focus on the development of business in 2013.

Their plans include a new casino product aimed at more casual players with access from social media sites as well as a new bingo and sportsbook product.

In a recent statement Bwin.Party promised to “not only changing the way it looks and feels, but also significantly improving the playing experience to one which meets the expectations of the modern digital consumer”.

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