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Are Interstate Gambling Contracts on the Way?

Are Interstate Gambling Contracts on the Way?

Now that New Jersey has approved online gambling within the state, the next step will be for it to join with other states in order to attract more gamblers, increase jackpots and keep players away from offshore websites.

Are Interstate Gambling Contracts on the Way?

As more states consider legalising online gambling, it is only a matter of time before interstate agreements are formed

New Jersey, Nevada and Delaware have all approved online gambling, however, the players must be physically present in the individual states in order to access online gambling websites.

Tom Goldstein, an attorney who represents online gaming companies, said that he “would be shocked if within a few years there aren’t multiple states cooperating.” Goldstein believes that once this happens many other states will quickly sign up in order to take advantage of the tax revenue that online gambling will raise.

A key problem for Nevada is its limited population of just 2.7 million residents; because of this it could have a problem attracting enough players to be able to offer a wide range of games.

As a result, it will soon be considering partnering with New Jersey which has over three times as many residents. If more states sign up for online gaming and form a multi-state system the number of players is likely to sore, as will tax revenues.

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