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UK Gambling Market Continues to Grow

UK Gambling Market Continues to Grow

Recent statistics provided by the UK government show an unprecedented boom in the country’s online gambling and casino industry.

UK Gambling Market Continues to Grow

The UK’s online casino and gambling industry has risen to a staggering annual value of 2 million pounds.

The figures amount to a staggering annual worth of two billion pounds for the industry which has shown steady growth since the introduction of Labour’s Gambling Act in 2005. The Act made it possible for online casino and gambling business to advertise in the UK and other countries of the EU as well as “white listed” territories including the Isle of Man.

Latest statistics estimate that around nine million people from the UK will play online in 2013, making use of online casinos, online betting booths as well as buying lottery tickets online.

The popularity of UK online casinos lies in their ability to give players access to their favourite land casino games from the privacy of their own homes. Games such as online poker, online blackjack and online roulette are only a few of many available through award winning online gaming platforms.

Another attractions of such sites is that players can access many of their preferred games for free, honing their skills before playing for real money.

OCA News Editor