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Atari Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Atari Files for Bankruptcy Protection

Atari’s U.S. subsidiary has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection. However, over its 40 year history Atari has had multiple owners and managed to adapt to the video game market as it changed and it is expected that it will find a way to recover once again.

Atari Files for Bankruptcy Protection

The Company that many credit with being the inventor of the computer game has filed for bankruptcy.

Atari became famous for games such as Breakout and Centipede and is considered by many as an essential part of American culture. 

A large part of the appeal of Atari games was their low-tech approach. The controls were simple (and inaccurate) and the graphics were extremely primitive.

Recetly Atari released a new version of one of its most famous games, Pong.

In the opinion of many, Pong World, available for iOS, is far less enjoyable than the original because of its enhanced controls and graphics.

Atari says that it has filed for bankruptcy protection in order to regroup and focus on the mobile market. However, the mobile market is extremely competitive and it is not easy to generate much money from it.

It remains to be seen whether Atari will be able to bounce back once again.

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