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Publisher THQ to Be Auctioned Off

Publisher THQ to Be Auctioned Off

It has been announced that the bankrupt publisher THQ will be auctioned off piece by piece. The auction will be on January 22nd and all its gaming properties, studios and assets will be to the highest bidders on a title-by-title basis.

Publisher THQ to Be Auctioned Off

Publisher THQ will be auctioned off game by game before the end of the month

THQ president Jason Rubin was trying to avoid an auction, however, last week a proposed sale to Clearlake Capital was stopped by the courts after creditor protests.

THQ is the behind a number of games and there is much speculation over who the buyers will be. One of the most anticipated lots will be ‘South Park: The Stick of Truth”.

THQ holds the publishing rights to this much anticipated RPG and it is likely to draw interest because of the involvement of Matt Stone and Trey Parker.

The game is almost complete and it is thought that Microsoft is the most likely buyer as it has a good long-term working relationship with South Park.

Another highly anticipated asset is Volition which includes Saints Row. The game is the biggest non-GTA sandbox game in the market and it is expected to go to Activision.

So far Activision has failed to create an open-world sandbox game to compete with GTA and this is the perfect opportunity for Activision to claim a presence in the market.

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