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Breaking News: Apple and Google CEO’s Talk Peace

Apple CEO Tim Cook is conducting low profile talks with Google CEO Larry Page. Is this a sign of world peace? Has the Age of Aquarius dawned upon us?

Is this a sign of world peace? Has the Age of Aquarius dawned upon us?

No. The two firms probably got tired of their lawyers. The Apple vs Samsung and Google saga has made many a lawyer rich, while confusing consumers. There’s only so much you can do with platoons of lawyers. Eventually, the adults have to enter the room and cut a deal.

The two rock star CEO’s are reported to have spoken about a wide range of intellectual property issues. The talks began before the Apple vs Samsung verdict. This past weekend, reports came out that Apple was including Samsung’s new Galaxy S3 in its list of products that it wants banned.

We hope the talks are extended to include Samsung. There are two ways to do this. The 3 sides can continue funding their legal teams and fight this country by country. Or they can wake up and realize that this is only the beginning of the mobile revolution and set the rules of the game.

Perhaps President Obama can lend them Camp David (where Israel and Egypt cut a deal in the 70’s) or they can lease President Nixon’s holiday home in Key West. Let’s hope they cut a deal for Christmas.

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