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Bookmakers Open Markets on Zuckerberg’s First Baby

Whilst there has been no announcement from the newlywed Mr and Mrs Zuckerberg, bookmakers have been quick to open betting markets on the name of their first baby.

Despite the surprise wedding preventing betting markets on Mark Zuckerberg’s wedding, bookies have been quick to open up bets on the newlyweds first baby

This is of course completely normal, whenever bookmakers hear of a forthcoming celebrity marriage they very quickly open markets on every aspect of the couples’ wedding, from the designer of the dress to the honeymoon destination.

However, this time there was no such opportunity as the marriage came as a surprise for everyone. Even the guests didn’t know that they’d been invited for a wedding but instead thought they were going to celebrate Priscilla’s qualification as a pediatrician. Nonetheless bookies quickly got their act together and opened a new betting market on their first born baby.

The Irish bookmaker and sports betting giant, Paddy Power, have odds of 9/2 on the name Elliot (Zuckerberg’s second name) if the baby is a boy, otherwise odds of 8/1 for the name Karen if it’s a baby girl. There are a number of other options as well including from Edward (8/1), Noah (18/1), Eduardo (100/1) and many many more.

For those who generally enjoy betting on celebrity weddings there are many other opportunities at Paddy Power. You can bet on Katie Price’s wedding to Leondro Panna, on markets such as how long it will last, the colour of her dress and where they will go for their honeymoon.

Another wedding people have their eyes on is between Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt. Here markets include the dress designer, the bride’s hair, the colour of Brad’s tie, the honeymoon, the wedding location and even whether Jennifer Aniston will attend.

Head over to Paddy Power today and take advantage of some of these slightly unusual, but thoroughly enjoyable markets.

OCA News Editor