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Betting on Facebook’s Next Acquisition

Facebook announced its latest acquisition this week – a $1 billion buyout of Instagram. Instagram lets users filter and change photos and of course, share them. Instagram is an 18 month old company with over 30 million users. It begs the questions – who’s next?

Place your bets on Facebooks next acquisition!

No one in the world of internet business thinks that Facebook’s shopping spree is over. Speculation is rampant. Even online book maker Paddy Power has gotten in on the action. Paddy Power has a special section which lets you bet on Facebook’s next acquisition!

Here are the rules for the Facebook bet – “Applies to the next acquisition Facebook make after 10th April 2012. Must be confirmed publicly by Facebook. Must be fully acquired. Dead heat rules may apply.”

Foursquare, the location-based social app, is at the top of the list with the lowest odds – 4/1. Foursquare has “only” 15 million users and was founded in 2009. A private company, Foursquare has 100 employees.

Next comes Evernote, a note-taking app, with 9/2 odds. Dropbox follows with 5/1 odds. Dropbox lets users store information in the “cloud” and retrieve it from any device. Spotify, a digital music service with millions of users, follows with 7/1 odds.

Next on the list is Pinterest, a content sharing service which allows users to “pin” images and videos to a board and share them. Paddy Power gives Pinterest 8/1 odds of being Facebook’s next buy.

YouTube and MySpace fill out the bottom of the list with 40/1 odds.

Who will be Facebook’s next big acquisition? Place your bet and win!

OCA News Editor