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Live Casinos to Lead 2012 Online Gambling Growth?

Bet365, the UK online gambling company, is predicting a dramatic surge in growth in online gambling in 2012, thanks to an increased use of live casinos. Live casinos first appeared 4 years ago and usage is growing year by year.

Lights! Cameras! Live Online Casino Action!

A live casino features a video feed in which the player sees the dealer in real time. Instead of a computer graphic dealing the cards, the player sees a real dealer dealing the cards, placing and collecting chips. Players can hear the dealer speak and can use their microphone to speak with the dealer. The live dealer adds an element of reality and ambience to the online casino experience.

Bet365 and other online gambling companies are seeing a rise in the number of players playing at their live casinos. The better casinos have better quality live casinos – as far as video quality and quicker response time. Though the technology isn’t new, it is reaching a tipping point where players are aware of them and online casinos are more experienced in making the live production happen.

Live Online Casinos are coming of age. Perhaps in a few years, live casinos will be the norm and it will be the rare player who decides not to play at the live casino and play at the “pixel casino!”

OCA News Editor