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Passoker and William Hill Sign New Deal

It has been a mixed week for William Hill. The company lost a High Court appeal but has reached a new deal with Passoker, the in-play betting product. Last year the online gambling website 32Red filed a suit claiming that William Hill’s 32Vegas business infringed its trademark rights for ‘32Red’ and ‘32’. William Hill had acquired the 32Vegas business from the US gaming software development company Playtech in a deal with $250 million.

Despite losing a case at the Court of Appeal, William Hill should be happy about the new agreement with Passoker

The High Court’s decision that a two-digit number can be a trademark was challenged by William Hill, but it was upheld by the Court of Appeal. Furthermore, the Court of Appeal decided that William Hill had unfairly taken advantage of 32Red’s trademarks by using adword campaigns.

However, the new deal with Passoker is sure to make things better for William Hill. The deal will mean that Passoker goes live at William Hill Sportsbook and Racebook from February this year.
Through a combination of card games and in-play betting Passoker has created one of the most exciting ways to bet on a live event. The game can be played on any live televised event and is incredibly simple.

First players much chose which event they are interested in and the stakes they want to bring to the table. Players are randomly assigned to tables and the game begins. Each player is given a card at random which contains a possible event in the game they are watching. For example, in a football game, the cards could represent corners, offside, goals, free-kicks etc. Then the player holding the winning card wins the other players’ stakes.

Stuart Carr, the CEO at Passoker, has described this deal as a “hugely significant agreement for Passoker.” He believes that operating through William Hill will see a massive increase in their audience and hopefully attract large numbers of extra users.

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