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Zynga Not Interested in Real Money Gambling

Due to the relaxation of online gambling laws in the U.S. it is expected that many of the social gaming networks would get in on the action. However, apparently Zynga, the maker one of the leading social network poker games, is not interested.

Despite the relaxation of gambling laws in the U.S. it has been reported that Zynga will not be switching to real money gambling

It has been reported that Zynga doesn’t want to risk losing their current loyal players and hasn’t even investigated the possibilities of real money gambling for countries where the laws are less strict.

Zynga currently operate Zynga Poker and they are preparing for the release of Zynga Casino and Zynga Bingo. This means that the infrastructure for real money gambling is already there are there are some rumours from Zynga HQ report that they are considering making the switch.

Last month Zynga debuted on the market and it is currently trading under its offering price of $10. At present they are facing intense competition from CastleVille, the newest and one of the most popular games on Facebook. CastleVille which was released by the makers of CityVille currently has 37 million active monthly users and Zynga will have to prove that they can keep producing popular games if it wishes to retain its place in the market.

However, Zynga has started experimenting with platforms outside of Facebook which could see their user base grow. It recently announced a number of releases for Google+ and just launched two new games for iOS. They have also recently launched Zynga Poker for Google TV.

Whilst Zynga don’t want to alienate their current user base by switching to real money gambling, they may find that as the social gaming market heats up it may be necessary in order to stay ahead. If the rumours from Zynga HQ are true then over the coming year it wouldn’t be surprising if they launched some real money gambling games.

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