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Mobile services boosting profits at Betfair

Betfair has recently announced that its investment in mobile software has paid off. The number of bets placed via these mobile phones and tablets have doubled recently the company reported.

In fact, roughly 7.4 million bets came into Betfair from a variety of mobile devices in the quarter that ended July 31. This was double the number of wagers that were placed in the same period last year. About a third of Betfair’s total wagers com in via a mobile device.

iPhones, iPads and other mobile devices allow bets from anywhere and help boost revenue at online casinos

The company has been upgrading its services to attract those who prefer to bet using their smartphone or tablet. In the last few months, they offered punters a service which allows them to set their own odds on games and wager against other gamblers. In addition, Betfair has worked to offer improved updates of live score as well as faster game results.

The ipad and iPhone, both from Apple, can be seen at nearly every coffee shop and on buses, at work and at home. Their ease and convenience have improved the online computing and communication globally. It is no surprise, then, that online casinos would also feel the effects of these devices. Offering apps, or applications, encourages mobile users to use their gadgets for gaming.

Betfair is one gaming company that seems to understand the impact of these changes. They have made improvements in their mobile service offerings, such as creating a new iPad app, which have led users to spend more time online and more time involved in mobile betting. This has provided Betfair with 78% growth, to £4.2 million, in mobile incomes.

Betfair’s mobile products are available in 17 languages and the company has a presence in 13 Apple iTunes stores around the globe.

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