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Gentlemen prefer internet gambling stocks over casino stocks

Although the current global figure for the internet gambling market sector is already standing at $10 billion, it is estimated that this sector will grow to $100 billion in the next 10 years. Internet gambling companies normally trade at approximately 15 to 20 times their revenues. Barring any new internet gambling companies, the current sector can end up at a value of $2 trillion, a 200 times increase in market share.

Things were not looking so rosy for internet gambling companies and related businesses like software companies in 2006. This was in the main due to the American regulations regarding internet gambling and online payment systems. But this is now all in the past and internet gambling stocks have made a dramatic recovery and serious investors are looking at internet gambling companies as a new avenue of investment.

Experts in economy have said that due to timeous and correct action by governments around the world, the current economic “panic” will not develop into a full blown depression. Governments are underpinning banks and guaranteeing loans so that depositors will not create a run on banks and leave the banking sector vulnerable. Although stock prices have dropped over the last couple of months, market confidence is returning in view of sound fiscal policies. Central banks have reduced interest rates around the world and gradually the market will return to normal although the road to recovery will be long and a tad harder than most investors would like.

OCA News Editor