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Credit blues also hit online casinos hard

Although the number of new customers and deposits seems to remain constant, deposits at online casinos have dropped by about 30%. Online casinos are devising new strategies in order to cope with this pinch in their budgets. Some online casinos are offering bonuses with every deposit and have dropped deposit limits. Welcome bonuses on first deposits have also increased.

La Isla Casino’s Afshin Ertanin says that online casinos will have to devise new ways to overcome the current credit crunch. Lots of people are losing their credit cards and banks are blocking customers from making deposits from credit cards into online casino accounts. He says a safer and better alternative for making deposits and withdrawals will have to be thought up.

He said that his online casino are offering customers automatic bonuses so that as soon as they make a deposit, their account is credited with the bonus. Also payment methods like U-Kash, ClickandBuy and Click2Pay are rewarded with special bonuses. La Isla also offers special bonuses on some table games like black jack, poker and roulette to regular players. He is confident that La Isla has taken the right measures to cope with the current economic pressures.

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