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Ohio casino Issue 6 gathered 800,000 signatures

The proposed development will include a 22,000 square foot casino. The casino itself will have 5,000 slot machines and 100 gaming tables. A hotel with 1,500 rooms will form part of the development.

Total cost of the casino resort is estimated around $600 million. The casino will be just off the Interstate 71 at Route 73. Penn National Gaming, owner of the Argosy Casino in Indiana are opposed to the new casino and has filed a protest which was rejected by Secreatry of State Jennifer Brunner. Penn National Gaming claims that the developers have not properly filed their paperwork. They are also running a television and radio campaign for Ohio voters to reject the new casino development.

Vote No Casinos is yet another opposing group and they are also planning commercials against the new casino. This group is organised by the Ohio Roundtable and does not want to be associated with Penn National Gaming. Commercials against the casino are claiming that due to certain loopholes tax money from the casino may not be as much as is currently foreseen. Rick Lertzman, co-owner of denies this, he says that the casino would distribute some 30% of their profits to all 88 counties in Ohio which would amount to roughly $240 million.

Lertzman also said that Penn National is afraid that the new casino would take some of their business. The new casino will be 40 miles away from the Argosy Casino and he says that it will attract Ohioans who currently cross the border to Indiana to gamble. Eric Schippers of Penn National says that a yes vote will give a casino monopoly.

OCA News Editor