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Online Gambling Degree Now Available in Trent University

The online gambling industry has experienced many developments in recent years which have lead to increased industry awareness and exposure. Yet nothing as drastic as the past week’s events have proven exactly how major an aspect online gambling is becoming in our lives; this week, the Nottingham Trent University launched a new masters program open to all graduating undergrad students, in the field of what has been termed “cyberpsychology” – the field of online gambling!

Beginning in October, the cyberpsychology course now on offer will concentrate on various industry aspects such as cyber crime, health, education, social networking and even artificial intelligence. It is expected that a degree in cyberpsychology will be warmly accepted in the online gambling industry – which is good news for future job seekers, since until now making the transition into the world of online gambling has generally occurred for people by accident or through experience.

The person in charge of the course, Dr. Monica Whitty, has said that it will be a challenging program for the students, since it accommodates both previous educational aspects and also the online gambling industry’s changing needs. However, there will also be a PhD program developed for those looking to continue, and that it will be highly beneficial for those looking to use it in educational careers.

Another person behind the founding of the course, Mark Griffiths, explained that the cyberpsychology degree was created due to popular demand by both students and industry employers. Online gambling has also been a common thesis topic among students for several years.

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