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Strategic Partnership Deal between and Sportech PLC is best known as the driving force behind popular internet gambling sites. It has announced that it will form a strategic partnership with Sportech PLC, a leading UK gaming business.

888 will power the legendary Sportech brand and customer base using its benchmark gaming and back-end software, customer support and payments processing services. 888 will use its expertise to expand Sportech’s already vast internet gambling business.

888 and Sportech have agreed to re-launch the New Football Pools using Sportech’s brand to market to their combined existing customers of internet gambling in the UK and elsewhere on the globe.

The combination of Sportech’s status as respected brand in global sports betting and 888’s software, operations and internet marketing in internet gambling will be mutually beneficial.

Gigi Levy, CEO of 888 said that 888 wants to use its wellknown consumer brand in strategic partnerships with other leading brands. In this milestone agreement it will make its strategic consulting skills available to Sportech.

CEO of Sportech, Ian Penrose is equally thrilled, he sees the strategic partnership agreement with 888 as an opportunity to expand Sportech’s market. In addition to the traditional internet gambling such as poker and casino they will now offer the Pools, which is set to become an internationally known brand.

OCA News Editor