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King Solomon’s Internet Casino Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

One of the internet’s oldest and most reputable casinos, King Solomon’s, is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this month. The internet casino will be holding a one-off Mega Draw and a series of special promotions in order to celebrate its long and successful history.

A new anniversary edition of the internet casino has been established to showcase King Solomons’ rich history and anniversary promotions. The history section allows visitors to see the visual and technological changes that have been made to the site since its inception into the industry in 1998, such as its array of logos and banners. There is a listing of some of the site’s biggest winners over the past 10 years, and even a trivia section that reveals small tidbits of information regarding the success of the internet casino.

According to the Customer Relations Manager of King solomon’s, Petros Papadopoulos, it has always been easy for new customers to register at the site, and it is thanks to their loyalty that the internet casino has experiences such longevity. He added that there is “something special…that they can trust” at King Solomon’s, and that another 10 successful years can be expected from them.

One of the biggest promotions for King Solomons’ 10th year anniversary is the Mega Draw of a Mini Cooper. Alongside this, the internet casino is offering a range of smaller prizes over a series of 10 prize draws, among them the new Sony DSCW90 digital camera and the latest Nintendo Wii.

OCA News Editor